In Safety

Here we sit, safe and still, no danger roaring in our ears.  Yet, somewhere, out on some wide ocean, men are struggling to stay alive on a sea of waves, waves so high that when the ship drops into the valley made by a wall of water, it’s as though it has been swallowed by a mouth of green foam.
Like battering rams, the waves lash the ship, the men within the hull are tossed, the winds roar in their ears.
How often does a roaring sea swallow men like grains of rice down the drain?
So many seafaring men and women have perished in the raging seas, thousands, perhaps even millions. The sea feels no sorrow, nor does the earth.                                  The tides still rush to the shores, leaving it’s imprint in the sand.                                   Never at rest, always pushing and pulling.
The voices that have been silenced by the waves are only an echo of the cries of those who still look into the deep hoping to see a glimmer of life. 
But resurrection is coming and what a glorious awakening that will be when the sea gives up her dead. (Revelation 20:13).
One day the sea will be of glass, of crystal mixed with fire and those who have won the victory will stand on that sea with harps from God. (Revelation 4:6; 15:2)
Until then there still will be sorrow in the great frothy waves that hold our attention on a rocky shore. 
Until then we must cast all of our cares and sorrows on the Lord Who walked on a troubled sea and silenced it with His Word and makes a way for His own through the great dark depths.
“casting all your care on Him, because He cares about you.”
(1 Peter 5:6-8)

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