Martha and Mary

In Luke 10, the story of Martha and her sister Mary is told.                                               Jesus and His disciples had been traveling and Martha welcomed Him into her home.

Mary was a listener, a seeker. While she sat at the feet of Jesus, listening to everything He said, Martha, the proverbial homemaker was busy.  She must have loved to cook and entertain because in vs. 40 the Scripture says that she was “distracted by her many tasks.”                                               

That Martha had the heart of a servant is not a bad thing.

In fact, as Christians we all should have a servant’s heart and mind when it comes to the Master’s service.

But how many of us would have just tossed some bread onto a plate and passed it around to Jesus and His disciples?

To have had an opportunity to entertain the Lord, a chance to quench His thirst and give Him good things to eat is a dream of a lifetime.

In the meantime, Mary is sitting at His feet, absorbing every word that He spoke.           That too is a dream beyond comprehension.

Many times Martha is faulted for her “much serving” but the fact is, it wasn’t that she had too much concern for His comfort, it was that she allowed her service and all of her energy and focus to cause her to miss the opportunity to spend time with the Lord of Lords. She was so caught up in her thoughts on food and drink that she took her eyes off the One Who is the Bread of Life and the Living Water. 

We must not let our thoughts on serving keep us from sitting at the Savior’s feet.

For it is at His feet that our soul’s are renewed, it is at His feet we can give Him glory, it is at His feet we can commune with Him, learn of Him, maintain our faith and even touch the hem of His garment when we need a special touch.

We all can be of service to Him by ministering to His church but never get so busy with service that it takes the place of spending some time at His feet.


One thought on “Martha and Mary

  1. You are so right. We have a tendecy to get so involved in our ‘service’ that tend to forget our fellowship with the Heavenly Father.

    Being an elderly person I have tried to do more fellowship with The Lord cause I am able to less service for others.. Sometimes I feel guilty because the change has been so drastic but I love it.


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