Not So Modern Marvels

There is a wonderful show on the History channel called ‘Modern Marvels’. It is a narrated show that celebrates the wonderful ingenuity, invention and imagination and brings all these things and more to life on a grand scale. We try to watch the show as often as we can. So many things that we knew so little about are illuminated to us by so many wonderful people.
Actually, the word ‘wonderful’ is used in the Bible 21 times in 21 different verses.
But only once in Deuteronomy.
And since I have been spending so much time lately studying in Deuteronomy,
I thought I’d share some things I have read.
In chapter 28 Moses goes into incredible detail about God’s blessings and His curse.
In general, those who are obedient are pronounced blessed but those who disobey
are to be cursed.
In vs. 3-5, Moses said that those who obey the Lord would be blessed in the city and the country, the crops, the fields, livestock and all the herds would be blessed. Even the baskets and kneading bowls would be blessed.  But it’s vs. 6  that I love the best, for God said that if His people were obedient they would be blessed when they came in and blessed when they went out. That covers just about everything and what a wonderful thing to meditate on.
But no where in all of the verses about all of the wonderful blessings, not once is the word ‘wonderful’ used. It’s as though the idea of blessings is just an ordinary thought, nothing special, just common place among those who love God with all their hearts,
all their souls and all of their understanding. In other words, we need not be in wonder of the great things God does for us.
But in vs. 15, Moses begins to list the curses saying that not only will the curses come upon the disobedient but they would overtake them.
And all of these things can certainly cause wonder.  Wonder in the sense that they are inconceivable and even beyond one’s power to understand.
The curses are confusion, rebuke, destruction, affliction, inflammation, burning heat and drought, corpse becoming food for the birds, and all manner of death, great famine, thirst, plague and much more. So many times after some great thing has caused death and destruction, we ask why?
Could the answer simply be disobedience?
There are two verses in particular that should be noted carefully.
Vs. 36 that says, “The LORD will bring you and your king that you have appointed to a nation neither you nor your fathers have known, and there you will worship other gods, of wood and stone.”
And vs’. 43-44 that tell us, “The foreign resident among you will rise higher and higher above you, while you sink lower and lower. He will lend to you, but you won’t lend to him. He will be the head, and you will be the tail.”
Do any of those things sound familiar?
But then here comes that word ‘wonderful’. In vs. 59, Moses says, that God “will bring wonderful (extraordinary) plagues on you and your descendants, severe and lasting plagues, and terrible and chronic sicknesses.”
And that’s the same ‘wonderful’ that is used in reference to love, works, testimonies, knowledge and Wonderful Counsellor in all the other verses. So how on earth can plagues that will not only affect me but my descendants as well, be ‘wonderful’?
The truth is, the works and ways of God should not be inconceivable or beyond our power to understand. We have His Word, We have His Holy Spirit and the rest depends on us. . . . .








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