The Great Commission

Each of us has a commission from God. Not only the great commission, that is,
taking Christ and His Gospel to all the world, but a more personal and individual commission, not lesser in importance, but smaller in scope in that it is something
that each of us can accomplish on a daily basis.
And something that none of us likes to hear but something that we must truly
embrace with all of our hearts and minds and that is that word repentance.
The word repent and repentance, repenteth are used in the NT over 60 times.
Even as blood washed Christians, repentance should be our state of mind and
heart all the time.
Vance Havner, a wonderful Baptist preacher and Christian pastor, author and
Bible teacher once said, “We are trying to play without the ball when the church
tries to evangelize before she has repented. The church can do many things after
she has repented but nothing until she first repents.”
And that statement is true to the church as a whole and as individual as we allow
it to be. We should wake in the morning with repentance already in our hearts
for the things that we will do or fail to do that day that are not pleasing to God.
And at night, before we close our eyes, repentance should be the course of our
final conversation with God our Father.

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