The Shepherd

We can sit and watch the neighbor’s goats in the pasture across the road from our house.   Twice a day, sometimes more, the faithful owner is over there, cleaning out their little house, removing debris and adding fresh hay.  She is a very good shepherdess to her small herd..
On the opposite side the pasture where she keeps her goats are two other goats belonging to someone else.  They are neglected except for the kindness of the good shepherdess.  While she is caring for her goats, she always makes sure that the other two goats get fresh water and she even shares the grain and hay with them that she has brought for her own goats.
We enjoy watching her and listening to her too as she talks with her little four-legged friends.  And when one of the nannies gave birth a few days ago, she sat patiently with the newborn kid, making sure it was able to nurse from its mother.
She has compassion for her small herd.
And we know that Jesus has compassion.  In Mark 6:34 it says, “So as He stepped ashore, He saw a huge crowd and had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. Then He began to teach them many things.”
And Jesus is the Shepherd of shepherds, for it says in Micah 5:4, “He will stand and shepherd them in the strength of Yahweh, in the majestic name of Yahweh His God.  They will live securely, for then His greatness will extend to the ends of the earth.
When we feel lost or alone we need to remember our Shepherd.  When we are troubled by the terror of the night or tormented by the arrows that fly by day we can look to our Shepherd, we can call on Him and He will answer. Psalm 91

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