For a week I have been fighting off what seems to be a strep infection. I began last weekend with a very sore throat but has now evolved into a terrible head cold with sporadic fever and chills.  And I will add that I am a horrible patient.

Consequently, I haven’t spent much time with the computer. And wanting something to listen to, I was browsing through my collection of sermons and had a minor memory revelation.

Years ago, my work hours were generally long, finishing most nights as late as 10:30 PM. So while driving home I would listen to Moody Radio and the one program that I really enjoyed came from the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago.

Today to my pleasure, I found that I can listen to their great stories on the WEB. Their program is called “Unshackled“. If you have ever listened to the great testimonies of folks so deep in sin, then you know how wonderful they are.

If you haven’t, now’s your chance.

Just visit http://www.unshackled.org/

They have archives of many past radio broadcasts and will have you in tears.

And don’t forget to take a look at the wonderful Bible study program at www.swordsearcher.com


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